MVMT started as a signature

In my last full-time job I had to customize my email signature and was surprised that something so simple presented a disproportionate issue: how to identify myself. Was I a producer? Yes, I produced nearly 90 episodes of a prime-time show and commercials during my time in San Francisco. Was I an editor? Absolutely. I built my first edit suite in 2001 and it's still how I spend most of my working hours. Was I a shooter? Yup. I picked up the camera at the same time I started editing. My first rig was a Sony VX-2000 (just dated myself to those in the know).


So I could produce, edit and shoot. What else?


Well, color-grading, mo-graph, copy-writing, directing and on occasion, gaffing (because, why not?).

You can see my dilemma. But I soon discovered that I wasn't alone in my generalist specialist pursuits. This generation of filmmakers are all multi-faceted by necessity and I felt we should embrace our one-man-band identities.

Modern-video multi-taskers is both a name and a qualifier. It's a label for the label-less. Truly the best, most accurate way to describe what it is our shop does. Which is to say, we do it all.