Reasoned Manufacturing by European Artisans

At MVMT, we pride ourselves on our artisan craftsmanship. Every product is designed and sketched in our Paris-based creative studio before being brought to life by our skilled artisans throughout Europe.





Our production units are strategically located close to the sources of our raw materials, preserving and promoting regional artisanal skills that have been honed over generations. For instance, our marble is locally sourced and expertly crafted in Portugal. Our wood is transformed into beautiful furniture pieces in Italy, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Finally, these products are assembled and undergo quality checks in France, ensuring our commitment to artisan craftsmanship is felt in every piece.






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Versatility and Capacity

At MVMT, we have the unique ability to produce everything from bespoke one-off dynamic furniture to large orders for corporate clients.






Our production capability extends beyond our dedicated units. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, we call upon specialized skills and expertise. Whether it’s artisanal crafts, specific materials, or technical expertise, MVMT has the capacity to develop custom solutions. We are adept at fulfilling orders of several hundred pieces with specific requirements, all while maintaining our dedication to artisan craftsmanship.


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Passion and Personal Touch in Every Piece

At MVMT, each piece of furniture is a testament to the passion and dedication of our artisans. Each product is meticulously overseen by an individual artisan, who is responsible for ensuring the quality at every stage of production. This personal touch breathes life into our designs, creating unique pieces that embody both elegance and functionality.






In this way, our artisans don’t just make furniture—they craft stories.

Every MVMT desk embodies the skill and dedication of an expert artisan.

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