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Elevating Office Furniture: More Prefessional, More Beautiful

We observe how the world of work is transitioning towards more personalized and intimate spaces while maintaining efficiency and comfort.

Our mission? To furnish these new spaces by offering architects and design enthusiasts desks that combine optimal ergonomics with meticulous aesthetics and high-quality materials.

Through our MVMT collection and tailor-made creations, we strive to make every work environment more personal, more inviting, healthier, and therefore more fulfilling.


The Centrepiece that Completes the Architect's Vision

MVMT was born from a dialogue with architects in search of furniture that combines aesthetics and functionality.

Architects meticulously design every detail of their projects with passion and utmost dedication. However, often office furniture that adheres to specific technical specifications breaks away from the overall aesthetic of the project. MVMT, on the other hand, allows for the integration of technology and ergonomics while respecting the codes defined by the architect: the desk becomes an extension of the space.

Our first dynamic desk emerged from a collaboration with an architect and their client eager to create the centrepiece of their space. This initial challenge required months of development, paving the way for other projects, and ultimately leading to the creation of a complete collection that, in 2022, would become a brand: MVMT.


The Excellence of La Chance

MVMT is the second venture of Louise Breguet and Jean-Baptiste Souletie, founders of the furniture publisher La Chance (www.lachance.paris) established in 2011. La Chance showcases the works of international designers and has a presence in prestigious projects worldwide. La Chance has received numerous awards, and several pieces have been included in the collections of the National Furniture.

Louise is an architect, and Jean-Baptiste has been passionate about design since a young age, having worked in the luxury industry. They share a common vision: to create innovative furniture, in close collaboration with talented artisans and designers.

“With 12 years of experience and our network of execptional artisans, we have translated our expertise into the world of office furniture with MVMT.”

Louise & Jean-Baptiste, Founders of MVMT


Placing Movement at the Heart of Design

Why MVMT? The name, evoking “Movement,” encapsulates our philosophy: to integrate dynamism not only into our furniture but also into our creative approach. Movement at MVMT signifies flexibility, adaptability, and innovation, qualities that we employ to craft offices that invite a reimagining of the workspace.

At MVMT, movement is not a constraint but the cornerstone of our creative thinking. We work closely with engineers and artisans, ensuring that each creation remains true to our vision, from the initial idea to the final realization.

“The result should appear simple, but it is within the complexity of the creative process that surprising and refined beauty is born.”

“The result should appear simple, but it is within the complexity of the creative process that surprising and refined beauty is born.”

Jean-Baptiste, Co-Founder & Creative Director of MVMT.


Inheritance from the Masters

Inspired by the past, we create for the future. Our roots delve into the legacy of design and architectural masters—Le Corbusier, Maria Pergay, Gio Ponti, Claude Parent—yet our gaze is firmly fixed on tomorrow.

Our approach transcends the boundaries between tradition and innovation, art and popular design.

From limited editions to exclusive pieces developed alongside architects, our quest for movement and modernity is endless.