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Power and Ease of Use Day after Day

Experience the unrivaled performance of MVMT’s electric height-adjustable smart desks. Our cutting-edge Linak lifting systems effortlessly lift weights up to 150kg, allowing you to confidently adorn your workspace with multiple monitors, lush plants, and cherished accessories.







Step into the future with MVMT’s lightning-fast and whisper-quiet system. Each transition is a seamless dance, providing you with fluid and natural movements throughout the day.







No obstacles can hold you back. Our ingenious Piezo™ anti-collision system immediately senses and responds, ensuring maximum safety and uninterrupted workflow


Embrace Movement in Your Daily Routine with Desk Control™ App

Unlock the full potential of your MVMT desk with the innovative Desk Control™ app, available for iOS, Android, and computer platforms.






Effortlessly synchronize your MVMT desk with your device and take control of your workspace. Save your preferred height settings and receive motivational notifications based on customizable personal goals. Stay active and switch positions frequently, while real-time statistics track your progress, keeping you engaged and inspired throughout the day.



The Lowest Standby Power Consumption in the Market

As your day comes to an end, your MVMT desk gracefully lowers itself into a silent rest. With ZeroTM technology, your desk’s standby power consumption is less than 0.1 W.







To put it into perspective, 100 desks in standby mode are equivalent to a continuously lit 10-watt LED bulb.








In comparison, many manufacturers rely on copper-wound transformers, which are heavier, bulkier, and more resource-intensive. These traditional transformers consume significantly more energy, making MVMT desks the smarter and greener choice for energy efficiency;


Unmatched Quality Guaranteed by a Unique Testing Protocol

Every actuator undergoes a comprehensive functionality test before being integrated into an MVMT product.

The rejection rate on our actuator production lines is less than 150-200 pieces per million, ensuring our unparalleled quality in the market.

In the rare event of a malfunction, each component can be replaced independently, unlike sealed systems that require replacing the entire unit. This level of flexibility and modularity further enhances the reliability and longevity of MVMT products.


Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art automated production line enhances ergonomics for operators while significantly increasing production capacity.

By incorporating advanced robotics and precision machinery, we ensure precise and efficient manufacturing processes. This not only improves the overall quality of our products but also enables us to meet the growing demand with agility and speed.

With a focus on technological innovation, our production facilities exemplify the perfect harmony between human expertise and cutting-edge machinery, resulting in exceptional craftsmanship and superior products.


A Partnership with a 40-Year Pioneer in Electric Actuators

MVMT has chosen Linak, the European leader in electric actuators, to power its products.






This Danish company has built a reputation for excellence and quality in actuator technology for industries and the medical sector for over 40 years.






MVMT and LINAK have established a close partnership to ensure seamless integration of these technologies into each of our products. By combining our expertise and collaborative efforts, we have created innovative solutions that redefine the standards of ergonomic design and functionality.






During the Workspace fair in Paris in 2022, LINAK invited MVMT to showcase a prototype on their stand. This initial prototype was developed in collaboration with LINAK’s team, whose French offices are located in Angers. This demonstration of our shared commitment to innovation and excellence further solidifies our strong partnership.