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Understanding Your Needs

Your briefing is the cornerstone of our collaboration in the development process. MVMT’s team will scrutinize every detail to fully comprehend your requirements.

Some clients have a clear vision of what they want, while others know their needs but don’t have a specific solution in mind. Regardless, MVMT’s creative and technical team is here to assist you, either by customizing an existing model or creating an exclusive design.

At this stage, a timeline for the project’s next steps is established, along with a preliminary budget for the desk’s study and realization.


Concept Presentation & Drawing Validation

MVMT’s team proposes an initial concept, drawing, moodboard with materials and colors (from MVMT’s material library samples).






A quote with options for both the prototype and main series is submitted for client approval. This stage outlines the project’s main specifications and concept validation.


Technical Design & Engineering

MVMT’s team translates the drawing into production documents and detailed plans for every product component. Our skilled craftsmen examine every detail to ensure the product aligns with the brief.





Additional samples might be produced at this stage to test a specific technical solution or material finish.


Prototype & Pre-production Validation

The prototype is crucial for validating the creative, technical, and financial aspects before launching series production. The prototype is presented to the client, who then validates the product’s design and finishes.





Usually, one prototype is enough, as most details are addressed during the design phase. However, a second prototype can be produced if the client requests changes to the first one.



MVMT’s production workshops are located in Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, and Ukraine. This proximity allows for rapid and efficient communication and production, offering MVMT great flexibility to cater to projects from unique pieces to series of several hundred units. The client is kept informed about the progress through updates, including production images.

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Packaging & Delivery

The products are inspected and shipments are prepared in MVMT’s logistics center located 45 minutes north of Paris.





MVMT can assist its clients in organizing special deliveries thanks to its partnerships with local specialists in France and worldwide.




Depending on each project’s specific constraints, MVMT offers various levels of service per the client’s requirements, ranging from delivery on truck pallet to full installation, setup, and packaging disposal.





Our partner teams adapt to any project type, from delivering a single piece with challenging access to installing hundreds of items in an entire building.


After-sales Service & Continuity

MVMT’s mission continues beyond the delivery and installation of the products. 

MVMT can produce additional pieces for existing projects and assist clients with repairs to damaged products



Technical elements can also be replaced or upgraded by MVMT’s teams.

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