"After 12-year of experience in crafting and producing premium furniture for prestigious apartments and renowned hotels worldwide under the brand La Chance (www.lachance.paris), we embarked on a new chapter in 2022. Our dedicated focus turned towards creating a distinctive offering exclusively tailored to the world of office furniture.

Our mission is clear: provide architects and discerning individuals with desks that harmoniously blend ergonomic excellence with captivating design, impeccable craftsmanship, and exquisite materials.

Our vision extends beyond a mere desk : we aim at creating an elegant universe, elevate well-being, and inspire a sense of serenity and contentment. We believe in the power of a thoughtfully designed workspace to transform not just the physical environment, but also the way we feel, think, and create. Join us on this  journey as we unlock the true potential of the modern workplace."

- MVMT team

assemblage bureau assis debout


Unleashing the Potential of Dynamic Furniture with MVMT

As a leading furniture brand, MVMT combines cutting-edge ergonomics with the creations of talented designers, all enhanced by the use of exquisite materials.



No longer do you have to compromise between aesthetics and functionality; our furniture offers both in perfect harmony.










Discover the MVMT collection and experience the transformative power it brings to your workspace.


Unlocking Innovation with MVMT: Your Dynamic Furniture Integration Partner

At MVMT, we are your trusted partner, providing comprehensive integration and consulting services for architects seeking to incorporate dynamic furniture solutions into their projects. Unlike mainstream manufacturers, we understand the complexities of integrating movement and electric actuators into furniture design.


Leverage our expertise and tap into our extensive network of European artisans to create the perfect dynamic furniture pieces for your projects.








Explore our creative process and discover the possibilities.

bureau de luxe en inox
nous faisons les plans


Elevate Your Workspace with MVMT: Creating Soulful Office Spaces

In addition to our expertise in designing and manufacturing dynamic furniture, MVMT offers end-to-end support as an interior design and planning firm for office spaces.







From concept development to detailed project plans and furniture sourcing, we guide you through every step of the journey.







Experience the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality as we create bespoke, soulful office spaces that you will be proud of.

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