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Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Practice

Our philosophy at MVMT is rooted in a profound respect for nature and our collective future. We believe in the potential of sustainable design to shape a world where aesthetics, function, and responsibility converge. In our endeavor to create dynamic furniture, we follow stringent environmental and social standards. This commitment is embodied in our sustainable development strategy, which guides us as we strive to harmoniously balance the needs of people, planet, and profit.



At MVMT, we believe beauty and well-being are integral to sustainable development. Our ethical charter plays a key role in this commitment. It provides a framework for us to manage our impact effectively across these areas and outlines our sustainable development goals. This charter sets forth our commitment to key ethical principles, including honesty, reliability, respect, fairness, and transparency. It guides our actions as a company and reflects our dedication to these values.












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Creating Quality Through Expertise and Craftsmanship

We are committed to creating furniture of the highest quality, combining cutting-edge design with traditional craftsmanship. Every piece is conceived in our Paris-based studio and then crafted in our European ateliers


Our emphasis on craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures each product is not only well designed but also durable, beautiful, and of outstanding quality. As we constantly develop new designs and techniques, our focus remains on creating products that stand the test of time while contributing to the wellbeing and productivity of those who use them.


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At MVMT, we not only believe in the excellence of our initial product, but also its potential for evolution and adaptability over time. Each piece of our furniture is designed with a flexible structure that allows for upgrades and replacements as needed. Should there be a mechanical issue, we provide solutions for parts replacement rather than entire unit disposal. 


By investing in a MVMT product, you are investing in a long-term solution that can be enhanced and improved upon as technology advances, ensuring its enduring relevance and utility.



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Responsibly Sourcing and Utilizing Sustainable Materials

MVMT is deeply committed to sustainable production and environmental stewardship, a commitment that is reflected in our selection of materials, our partnerships, and our ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption. All our products are made in Europe, using locally sourced and responsibly harvested materials.


Our sustainability efforts go beyond our production process. MVMT has set a goal to
offset all its carbon emissions by 2028 by supporting ecological projects through the Good Planet Foundation.



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Discover the nature-inspired work of photographer Beth Moon (photo left).

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