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Adaptability & Sophistication

The Elephant desk adapts seamlessly to any environment. Its adjustable height enables easy transformation, from a cozy low table in reception areas to a professional meeting table in the blink of an eye.

Elegance in Marble

Inspired by the majestic and robust feet of elephants, the Elephant desk is a sophisticated piece of luxury furniture featuring marble legs. This versatile desk embodies elegance and durability, making it an exceptional choice for both home and corporate workspaces.


The simple yet generous design of the Elephant desk highlights the beauty of wood, metal, and marble. This unique and visually striking piece is an embodiment of strength and elegance.


Dual Functionality

The Elephant desk can serve as a grand executive desk or can be sized up to function as a meeting table.





Versions with 6 or 8 legs for tables up to 6 meters long are also available.

Hidden Mechanics

The thick tabletop of the Elephant desk hides the structural elements and the motors of the pistons.






The table silhouette is simple with integrated technical elements, and the table elevates smoothly and easily, surprising us with its apparent lightness.

Three Heights, One Table

The Elephant desk, with its three-section pistons, can be lowered to the height of a coffee table. 



At 75 cm, it’s the perfect height for working, and it can also be raised for casual meetings or standing work


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dynamic desk in daily life


Une table : 3 hauteurs

Inspirations et références

Picture the stalwart legs, firmly planted on their base, a likeness to the mighty and sturdy feet of an elephant!





The top is thick and weighty, reminiscent of a butcher’s block. And the fine, technical touch of the black metal jacks that connect these hefty elements – a reflection of delicate balance amidst strength.





From top to bottom, left to right,: Tang Tawanwad / Untitled Karsten Fodinger /  pair of column in Rosso lepanto marble / Colombus Knights towers – New haven Ct, Roche and Dinkeloo




Dimensions (cm)

Materials & Finishes

Elephant in a pool
Mobilier sculptural et artistique

Design Inspiration

The design elements of the Elephant desk are inspired by elephant feet and a thick, heavy chopping block. The elegant and technical connection of the black metal pistons links these massive elements.

From top to bottom and from left to right: Tang Tawanwad / Untitled Karsten Fodinger / Marble column Rosso lepanto / Colombus Knights towers – New haven Ct, Roche and Dinkeloo 

belles colonnes en marbre antique. La noblesse de l'ancien

Craftsmanship & Production

MVMT products are made in Europe by a network of artisans who transform noble materials and combine traditional skills with cutting-edge technology. The aim is to create beautiful, ethically made products while maintaining healthy relationships with all MVMT artisans and partners.


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Our team of designers offers a collection of desks with strong personalities. Our artisans work with wood, stone, and metal to create each desk to order. Thus, you have the freedom to choose your finishes and adjust the products to your dimensions, creating a workspace that truly reflects you.


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Health Benefits

A dynamic desk can help increase energy expenditure throughout the day. Research shows that using a dynamic desk can help reduce weight. People who used a dynamic desk in a 12-week study lost an average of 2.8 kg, while those working at a traditional desk gained an average of 0.9 kg over the same period. 



A person typically burns 50 more calories per hour while standing. Though it might seem minor, standing for 3 hours a day equates to the calories burned during an 8 km run each week.



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